Download Mode for Samsung S8

You want to get into download mode if you want to root your phone or flash firmware it. Download Mode is a mode that you can put in so that you can root your phone, flash your phone, or transfer files into the phone.

How to Enter Samsung S8 Download Mode

In order to get into download mode for Android smartphone Samsung S8, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, power off your phone.
  2. Once your phone is completely off, what you’re going to do is going to hold the “Bixby + Power + Volume Down” button at the same time.
  3. enter Galaxy S8 download mode

  4. Your Samsung Galaxy S8 will give you the message, which warning a custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications.
  5. custom OS warning message

  6. If you don’t want to put your phone into download mode, you will need to press the Volume down key to cancel it. But here we’re going to hit the Volume up key to proceed into download mode so that you can download a custom OS.
  7. enter Samsung S8 download mode

Once your Galaxy S8 phone is in download mode that you see right here. Alright, then you can go ahead and connect the cable and the mememory chip whatever it is you’re going to want to connect to it to flash firmware files using utilities like Odin and Smart Switch, which can really be a lifesaver.

Alright, this is how you get your Samsung Galaxy S8 into download mode.

How to Get Out of Samsung S8 Download Mode

If you’re going to get out of download mode, what you’re going to do is to press Volume down and the Power button. Keep holding both of them until the phone shuts off.

All right, there you go so the phone did reboot. So that’s how you enter Samsung Galaxy S8 download mode and get out of download mode.