how to print iPhone messages for court

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone / Android for Court?

Obviously text messaging is now a very efficient and popular way to communicate in most societies, particularly here in the United States. For better or worse, tex messaging leaves an electronic record of dialogue that can used as evidence in court. Judges have ruled text messages admissible in several types of different cases throughout the state of South Carolina to determine various issues related to a case, no matter if it be a family court matter, a civil matter or even a criminal case. What’s more, text messages are often used within criminal investigations regarding alleged crimes.

Like the handwriting, text messages on the mobile phone must to be proved to be the person who is accused in fact did write those messages. In short, text messaging has to be authenticated. How do you do that?

How to authenticate text messages for court?

In order to use text messages in court as evidence, you must show that person who you’re saying wrote it actually did write it. Text messages can be authenticated under California law through:

  • Direct testimony of a witness who saw the messages created or executed (Evid C §1413); and
  • Distinctive characteristics of the message itself (Evid C §1421); and
  • Circumstantial proof of authenticity (see Evid C §1410).

lawyer in court

So you can do the steps as below to certify copy of original document:

  1. Make a copy of the messages that includes identifying information like the data and time, the contact information of the sender, preferably a phone number. The copy could be screenshot, photo or print-out document.
  2. Use the correct notarial certificate for making a certified copy.

How to print text messages from iPhone for court?

For iPhone users who want to print out text messages for court as evidence, you can use a AnyTrans – Phone Manager to browse and export iMessages and text messages to your computer and then print out for a copy.

Firstly, you will need to download AnyTrans – the entire mobile data transfer and management tool, which supports exporting and printing your SMS, iMessages and WhatsApp messages for a court case.

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Once you’ve installed and launched AnyTrans on your Mac or PC, click “iPhone & iPad Manager” to export text messages from your iPhone XS, iPhone XR/X/8, iPad or other iOS devices. If the text messages are just on your Android phone, select “Android Device Manager” and install it. In the following steps we’ll discuss the process of saving iMessages and SMS from iOS device.

install iPhone text messages transfer

Step 1. Go ahead the iPhone category

Launch AnyTrans for iOS on your Mac or PC. If you’ve already connected a device, the program will recognize it and show you the main functions as below.

connect iPhone to text message export

Step 2. Browse text messages in your iPhone

Click categories icon icon to switch to the Category management window. Then select “Messages” to load all the messages in your iPhone. Here you can browse all the text messages as well as iMessages.

iPhone messages management

Step 3. Export iPhone messages to PDF, HTML or plain text format

AnyTrans allows you to transfer text messages from iPhone XS/XR/X/8//7/6s to computer in 3 formats:

  1. PDF – Which saves a PDF document with the look and feel of your messages
  2. Text – Which provides the plain text file containing your messages.
  3. HTML – You can open and view html file in your browser (e.g Google Chrome).

Here I recommend you choose PDF as the output format as it’s good for printing, sharing and viewing away from your iPhone.

Then select one or more conversations or more messages, click to computer icon (To Mac / PC) button to start transferring. Your text messages will be exported to computer as soon as possible.

export iPhone messages to PDF

Step 4. Print out iPhone messages for court

Once you’ve successfully exported your text conversations from iPhone as a PDF document for court, you’ll notice that the PDF file displays your iPhone text messages with all the vital information like data and time, stops, phone numbers, etc. So you can take advantage of this tool to save and print your text messages and iMessages for a court case or some other legle matter.

Here’s the PDF file and then you can print out your iPhone messages as evidence in a court case.

how to print text messages from iPhone for court

The best way to print out text messages from Android phone:

AnyTrans can also be used for Android users to copy and print out text messages for court.

When you have AnyTrans downloaded on your computer, double click the archive to install it. From the Welcome Installer wizard interface, choose “Android Device Manager” to install.

install Android device manager

Step 1. Connect your Android phone

After launching, connect yourAndroid phone to Mac/PC via USB cable or over Wi-Fi connection.

connect Samsung Galaxy S8

AnyTrans Android Manager will instantly recognize your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone and show you the categories for management.

Android Galaxy categories

Step 2. Transfer text messages from Android to computer

Now click “Messages” icon for loading all text messages on your phone. Then select those you want to export and print.

export Android messages to PDF

Now click “to computer icon” icon to transfer selected messages to your computer.

Once the transfer process completes, you can click “View files” to check and view the exported document that includes the text messages you would like to print out for a evidence in court.

The exported PDF document displays the text messages with formatting similar to those on the phone, along with the sending date and time, phone number of the contact.

Take a screenshot of text messages on your mobile phone:

Screenshot is also one way to print your messages out to be admissible as evidence in court. You can use the built-in screenshot feature of your mobile phone to capture the messages that you want to print out. It is simple for both iPhone and Android users:

Taking screenshots of your text conversation can be sometimes an easy solution, however, it can be a tedious manner if the text messages are long or numerous, since it will take you a large amount of time and effort to accomplish the task.

The second thing you should consider is the continuity of messages. To make the printed text messages look like they appear on your device, you have to organize the order of the images that you’ve captured. This job could get confusing and turn your screenshots into a mess although you try to ensure you have everything perfect for your attorney or your trial date.

If you have a small number of text messages, screenshotting is appropriate way for you to save and print text messages for court, trial, or your lawyer. Otherwise, if you have a lot of text messages that you would like to use as evidence, this can be time-consuming.

Can I print out deleted messages from iPhone or Android?

Need copy of deleted text messages to be printed out? Even you’ve accidentally or intentionally deleted messages from your iPhone or Android phone, you still have a chance to retrieve deleted text messages and print out for court.

For iPhone

In case you’ve backed up your iPhone with iCloud or iTunes before the messages deletion, you can recover your deleted text messages by restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup in iCloud or iTunes.

What you should keep in mind is that the restoring will erase all of your current data – text, pictures, apps, etc. If you don’t want this to be happen, you can use a third-party recovery software, just like dr.fone – iOS data Recovery, or Tenorshare UltData, which support retrieving deleted messages directly from your device, or selectively restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup file.

For Android

To print deleted text messages from Android phone memory or SD card, you’d better try a third-party software Android Data Recovery to retrieve those deleted text messages, and then print them out for a court.

retrieve deleted text messages for court

Hope this article is helpful for you if you need to present your the text messages or iMessages from your iPhone or text messages from Android phone as evidence in court or legal aid.