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When you have your Samsung Galaxy S6 in hand, you might need to restore all important data to your new Galaxy S6 from the backup data by Kies 3. For people who only have one device and the backup file at hand, they are very frustrated becuse that Samsung Smart Switch will handle an exchange between two samsung devices. For those who only have one device and backup file, they are restricted from restoring the data from backup on PC. Just like the issue of the person below who met:

Is there any way to restore backup to Galaxy S6?
I have my Samsung Galaxy S6 but I’m very dissapointed to find out that the S6 is not supported at all by Kies 3. I had an S3 before, and I backed up all the data onto my PC with Kies 3, then factory reset the device and sent to a family member in another country who wanted it. You can imagine my frustration upon trying to restore that data to my S6 with Kies 3 only to find it telling me to use Smart Switch. However, Smart Switch only will allow you to restore backups from Apple, Nokia, or Blackberry devices. A Samsung rep has told me that there is no way to restore data backups on PC from a Samsung device to the Galaxy S6. This seems like a massive oversight to me, as Kies 3 was an amazing support program to me, and the only way to remedy my problem is to purchase an older Samsung device compatible with Kies 3, restore the data to that device, then Smart Switch from the older device to the S6. That is a poor solution in my opinion. Can anyone think of another solution to allow me to restore the data from my old device now on my PC to my new S6 without buying another device?
Thank you in advance for any help.

If Samsung Kies can not help you to restore data from your old phone to the new Galaxy S6, you can try a third-party software – MoileTrans, which is released by Wondershare for transferring data from phone to phone, backing up your phone data to PC with just a click, or restoring data from backed up file created by Samsung Kies (3), iTunes, iCloud as well as, BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Download | For Win Download | For Mac

Step 1. Launch MobileTrans and select Restore from Backups

To start with, Download MobileTrans from the above link and launch it on your PC/Mac, and click Restore from Backups section and select which backup file you want to restore from. Here we select Kies (MobileTrans fully supported Samsung Kies 3 backup files restoring to Samsung S6/S6 Edge.)

restore from backup

restore from kies3 backup

Step 2. Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 to your computer

The program will soon locate the saved backup file you’ve created by Kies3, choose the one you wish to restore to your new Galaxy S6, click Start Transfer to copy the contents from the backup file to the target Samsung S6/S6 Edge phone.

restore samsung s6 from kies backup

Then all important data you’ve backed up with Kies3, including contacts, text messages, calendar, call logs, apps, photos, music and videos would be restored to your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You can also tick off those you don’t need.

This is an easy and strait forward way to restore Samsung smartphone from Kies backup. For people who has both of the original and target phone at hand, they can directly transfer data from one phone to another regardless of make, model or carrier. What’s more, you can also backup all content of any device to your computer, wipe out your phone before selling to protect your personal info by using this amazing software. All in one word, MobileTrans is an ideal assistant for mobile phone users.