Transfer Music:

To transfer music between your device and iTunes or computer, you should get your iOS / Android device connected with your computer firstly. The program will automatically detect it and show the main info of your device at the device home window.

device window

1. Copy Music from Device to iTunes

Step1: Click on Transfer Device Media to iTunes on the home window once your device is connected.

Step2: The Copy from Device to iTunes window shows up. The program auto-detects the difference between files on your device and iTunes and enables you to copy files from your iPhone to iTunes library with one-click operation.

Step 3. Click on Start to begin transferring files what’s missing on your iTunes, including music, videos, Podcasts, TV shows, playlists and so on.

transfer iTunes music to device

transfer music from iPhone to iTunes

2. Transfer Music from iTunes to Device

Step1: On the main window, click on On the main window, click on Transfer iTunes Media to Device.

transfer iTunes music to iPhone

Step2: Choose the entire library or selected playlists you want to transfer, click Transfer.

3. Import Music to Device

You can add music from your computer or iTunes, and the program can help you to import one music file or add all music files in a folder.

Step 1. Once your device is connected, go to Music tab at the top of dr.fone. The steps for managing/transferring music, video or photos are similar. Here let’s take transferring music files as example.

transfer music to iPhone

Step 2. Import music file/folder to iOS or Android device

Click on the Add Music icon on the top. You can select to add one music file or add all music files in a folder.

import music to iPhone

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