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100% reliable iTransfer software, backup and transfer photos, music and videos, TV shows, Contacts, SMS and more between iOS devices, iTunes and computer.


iTunes Music Transfer – To/from Device

1-Click to Restore iTunes Library from iPhone / iPad/ iPod touch

Transfer music from iPhone, iPad, or iPod to iTunes Library or PC/Mac with a single click. That will help you to rebuild your iTunes library in case the current media content erasing by mistakenly syncing. And multiple files including music, videos, photos, playlists, iTunes U, audiobooks, podcasts and more can be transferred to iTunes Library and PC as well.

Share Music Collection without Restriction

Transfer media files, such as songs, videos, playlists, photos, TV shows and more from iTunes/PC to any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices without iTunes – no previous sync is required at all. Furthermore, music can be transferred from any location, local or cloud, from any folder or single track, whether stored locally or on an external drive. Just move your music where you want!

supported multiple files
Multiple files supported
You can copy music, videos, photos, playlists, iTunes U, audiobooks, podcasts, and more between iTunes/PC and iOS devices.

iTunes media convert
Convert media files to iDevice
When you’re trying to copy incompatible music or video to your iPod/iPhone/iPad, iTunes Transfer will give you the option to convert the media file into a format that is fit for the iDevice.

sync iPhone without erasing
Sync iPhone without erasing
iTunes perform music sharing one way – computer to iPhone. iTunes transfer breaks the restriction and sync your iPhone with another computer without wiping the any data.

Ultimate iTunes Transfer

Multiple files are supported to export to iTunes Library and PC: besides music, videos, photos, playlists, iTunes U, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. can be transferred to iTunes Library and PC as well.

One-click scan and erase option can make your device like brand new.

music iconTransfer music and playlists from iPod/iPhone/iPad to iTunes, or vice versa.

podcasts iconTransfer podcasts from iPhone to iTunes/computer, or copy to the iDevice from your PC/iTunes.

iTunes iconSync iTunes U materials from iPhone/iPad to iTunes on your computer.

video iconMove iPhone recorded videos to PC/Mac, or sync iTunes movie from computer to iPhone.

audiobooks iconTransfer AudioBooks to iPhone or copy audiobooks purchased on iphone to iTunes on your computer.

voicesmemos iconTransfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Mac/PC or iTunes on your computer.

TV iconCopy TV shows from PC/Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod, or export from device to iTunes library/PC.

photo iconTransfer photos from iPhone to your computer/iTunes, or copy your local pictures to iOS devices.

Media Files Manager

Aparting from files transfer, iTunes Transfer can also be used as a files manager for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

  • With a single click, you can backup songs, playlists, photos, videos, e-books, audio books, and more files from your iOS devices to computer for backup.
  • iTunes Transfer enables you to create, rename and delete playlists and photo albums on your iDevice via desktop. Whats’r more, it is able to delete songs, videos, audiobooks, etc.
backup and manage files
transfer iTunes purchases items

Transfer iTunes Purchases to any Library of Device

If you want to play the music purchased from iTunes Store on your iPhone, then this iTunes transfer software could assist you to transfer iTunes purchases to any library you choose. All you need to do is to sign in your Apple ID, drag and drop the purchased music or videos from the iCloud to the library of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. What’s more, this iTunes transfer is able to transfer the music information like the album art and the ID3 tags.

Turn iPhone Live Photo to GIF

Live Photos is an exciting new camera feature on the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus that brings your photos to live by creating a moving image. To share your live photos with Android or non-iPhone users, you can convert Live Photos to GIF images. With this new feature embedded in iTunes Transfer, you’re able to make it different while sharing your photos on Facebook, twitter, or instagram.

Apart from turning iPhone Live Photos to video, it is possible to convert both photos and videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and computer to GIF images.

turn iPhone live photo to video
Sync any media files, like songs, videos, photos, playlists between Apple devices.

Rebuild your iTunes Library from iPhone/iPad/iPod if you suffer a system crash.

One-click to backup photos from iPhone/iPad to computer.

Convert music/videos to your Apple device without length limit.

Auto detect the song information and fix music tags and album art immediately.

Make animated Gifs from photos and videos on your iPhone or computer.

Functional Toolkit

Tunes transfer gives you more functional options that you can use for convenience!