Display Android Screen on PC

With MirrorGo, stream Android screen on PC via WiFi, play Android games on PC smoothly, share your pictures on a big screen, record video of your actions on Android…

Fully compatible with Windows 10

Play Android Mobile Games on Computer

With MirrorGo Android Mirror, you can play the most polular games (like Clash royale,clash of clans,Hearthstone …) on your PC easily and smoothly.

full screen icon

Full Screen

Play your big games and big actions on a bigger screen.

mouse and keyboard icon

Mouse & Keyboard

Make control with your your favorite Mouse & Keyboard

hd icon

High Definition

HD field of view, Full Screen range of fire

transfer data from PC

Send Messages, Transfer Data from PC

Want to use the keyboard of your PC to write and send the messages quickly? MirrorGo Android Mirror make it possible to send text messages, receive or replay WhatsApp messages and other social software messges on PC.

Transfer data from PC to Mobile phone easy as drag-and-drop.

Android Capture & Recorder

You can capture, record, and share your Android screen or videos

MirrorGo Android Recordewr can record video of your actions on Android,such as the play game video recording.
Android Mirror provides the hot icon "play games" that will take screen shot as fast as you can.
MirrorGo Android Recorder lets you share your pictures on a big screen wirelessly without uploading them.
sync game data

Sync Game Data

Traditional emulators do not synchronize with your phone. MirrorGo sync and retain game data, play your favorite game anywhere!

Hotkey Setting

1) Set the Directional Pad, with it you can rerise and drag the desire position for WASD.

2) Set the Action Button, up to 8, you can rerise and drag the desire position. Enter A-Z or 0-1 to assign button.
3) (FPS)Set the mouse movement. you can press F2 to enable/disble feature. Recomend for First-Person Shouter(FPS) games.

4) (FPS)Set the mouse button. You can rerise and drag the desire position for mouse click with it.


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