Getting Started: Introduction

1. Mobile Manager Introduction

Mobile Manager is a super mobile toolkit, which provides an easy to manage your mobile device including iDevices and Android phone / tablet.

For Android users, you’re able to backup and restore your Android device in one click, install Android apps on desktop, import/export music, video, photos, contacts, SMS and document files, manage SMS on PC, and more.

For iOS Device users, you can backup and restore your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch simply; clean up your iDevice and save iOS space; import music, video; download music in one click; manage photos, contacts, SMS, and more.

2. Main Functions at a Glance

By viewing the main screen of this mobile toolkit, you can see 3 main parts on top of the menu, namely My Phone, Super Toolkit, and Download.

My Device
You can manage contacts, apps, SMS, music, video, photos and document files on your iOS / Android mobile device simply.

main screen

Super Toolkit
It classfies key features of MobileGo into 3 parts: Advanced, Essential and Media Management

Media Management:
This part tells you how to import  music and video to your Android device * Bonus for Android users, you can export music and video from your Android devices to PC.
It offers you 4 useful functions: Phone Transfer, Data Recovery, Data Eraser and One Click Root (for Android only) and Space Saver (for iOS only).
The part provides the key features, which you may often use.

For Android–

toolkit for android

For iOS–

toolkit for iOS


For Android–
Download Android apps, music, video from built-in Google Play, MP3 Download, YouTube and any site added.

android for Android

For iOS–

Download music, video from MP3 Download, YouTube and any site added.

iOS music download