Essential: Backup and Restore iOS Device

Mobile Manager offers you a easy way to backup all important data, like app data, contacts, SMS, calendar, call logs, music, videos and photos, from iPhone, iPad and iPod to computer. In any case you suffer data loss or migrate with a new iPhone, you can effortlessly restore the content from the backup files.

1. Backup All Data from iOS Device to Computer

Step 1. Install Mobile Manager and Get Your iDevice Connected

Launch MobileGo on your computer after you have downloaded it. Connect your iDevice via USB cable. In the Super Toolkit tab, go to iTunes Backup.

itunes backup

Step 2. One-Click Backup your iOS Device

Then a small backup window appears. By default, all contents you can backup are automatically selected. You should keep your iDevice connecting with your computer during the backup process.

itunes backup
itunes backup

2. How to Restore iPhone, iPad, iPod from Previous Backups

In the Super Toolkit Tab window, click Restore. The restoring process begins. Please not disconnect your iDevice during the whole process.

restore itunes

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