Essential: Desktop SMS Manager (for Android only)

When you’re working in front of a computer, you can answer texts from your computer just by connecting your Android phone via USB data cable or WiFi. It’s especially convenient for you to text messaging when you can not quickly reply the message due to one or another reason.

MobileGo can work as a Desktop SMS Manager for Android smartphone users. It can not only wirelessly send and receive text messages from computer, but also save SMS and threads to computer, mark unread SMS as read, and even delete useless messages in batch. For those of you who love to send and receive text messages, then this is the app for you.

To get started with managing your Android SMS from computer, download and launch MobileGo on your computer. Both USB data cable connection and WiFi connection are allowed. After connecting your Android phone, your device will be detected and shown in the primary window.

desktop sms manager

1. Wirelessly Send & Receive SMS

Send Text Message from Computer

Go to SMS management window by clicking SMS in the left column. Then click New or New SMS to show the SMS sending box. Create message content in the text field and click contact icon to select the contacts you want to send messages. After that, click Send.

send sms

Receive Android SMS on PC

When you have new message, this Android SMS manager will send you a box at the lower right corner. You can reply the message by clicking it. What’s more, when you get a phone call but you have no time to answer, you can directly hand it off, or hand it off and reply with a message.

3. Save SMS to Computer

Go to the SMS management window, all messages show up on the right panel. Tick the SMS threads you want to save and click Save As, and define the file path to save the SMS threads.

Choose the file type and click Save to save SMS as .xml or .txt format to your computer.

save sms

2. Import SMS to Your Android

If you have ever exported SMS as an .xml file, you can import them back to your Android phone when you need.

In the SMS management window, click Import to navigate to the save path where the SMS.xml file is saved. Choose it and click Open to add it to your Android phone.

import sms to android

4. Mark SMS as Read

Go to the left column, click Unread Messages under SMS. All unread SMS are shown there. Tick your wanted unread SMS and click Mark As Read.

5. Delete Useless SMS

In the left column, click All Messages under SMS. Tick SMS threads you want to delete. Click Delete to delete them.

To click some piece of SMS, you can choose one SMS thread and all SMS conversation will be shown on the right. Click any SMS conversation you want.

delete android sms

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