Essential: Download for Android / iOS

Apart from file management, Mobile Desktop Manager empowers you to download apps (for android only), music, and videos from Google Play (for android only), YouTube and more websites, and transfer to your device conveniently.

Note: The interface of MobileGo for Android users is a little different from when it’s for iOS users, the functions for downloading music and videos are the same.

To get started, download and launch Mobile Manager on your computer. Connect your Android or iOS device to computer via a USB data cable or WiFi (only for Android).

To get started using Mobile Manager to download for Android and iOS devicesTake Android for example, to start, please Launch MobileGo on the computer, connect your Android device to computer by using a USB cable or via WiFi. MobileGo detects your device at once and then show it in the primary window.

moblego home

1. Download Apps from Google Play

  • Step 1. Click the built-in Google Play Apps in the left column. Browse and find your wanted apps and click Install.
  • Step 2. Go to the lower left corner and click Downloads. The app you just download are right there.
  • Step 3. When it finishes downloading, the app will be automatically installed to your Android device.
  • download app from Google Play

Note: Besides Google Play, you can also add other app downloading websites, like AppBrain, to the left column and download apps from them.

2. Download MP3 to Your Mobile Phone

  • Step 1. In the left column, click the built-in MP3 Download or any music website added. Search and download your favorite songs.
  • Step 2. Click Downloads in the lower left corner to find the songs you’ve just downloaded.
  • Step 3. After downloaded, the songs will be automatically transferred to your Android device.
  • download music

3. Download Videos

  • Step 1. Go to left column, and click the built-in YoutTube or any video website which you add. Search and download your wanted videos.
  • Step 2. The downloading videos could be found in the Downloads list in the lower left corner.
  • Step 3. After downloaded, videos will be automatically transferred to your Android device.
  • download video

4. Add Downloading Website

You can add your favorite websites, like AppBrain and Twitter, to the Online Resources of Mobile Manager. Click add site, input site name and URL, and click OK. Then, you can see the website in the left column.

add sites to mobilego

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