Getting Started: Install, Uninstall and Update

To learn how to install, uninstall, update Mobile Manager, just follow the steps as below:

1. Install

Download Mobile Manager from the the product page or just from the links below. Then double click the archive to install it on your computer.

Download | For Win Download | For Mac

2. Uninstall

  1. Open Control Panel from your computer.
  2. Click Program tab, then Uninstall a program.
  3. Find MoileGo and right click it. Then, select Uninstall.
  4. Follow the on-screen instruments to uninstall MobileGo from your computer.
  5. uninstall mobilego

    Tips: If you have failed to uninstall Mobile Manager, you can just open Windows Task Manager to finish MobileGo.exe and MobileGo Service.exe. Then, go back to Control Panel to uninstall it.

    windows task manager

    3. Update

    Once you buy Mobile Manager, you can free update your software to get new features or get some bugs fixed. As usual, you can get a pop-up window that prompt you upgrading your Mobile Manager to the new version. Otherwise, you can check for new version manually.

    Update MobileGo

    Click setting icon from upper right corner of MobileGo program. Then select Check for New Version. In the pop-up window, click Update Now to Update to the latest version.

    update mobilego