Essential: Download, Remove, Manage Android Files from PC

Mobile Manager acts as an powerful Android App Desktop Manager that enables you to easily download apps from Google Play, batch install and uninstall APK files, move apps to SD card, and share apps with your friends.

Now read on to get the detail steps to organize your Android Apps from computer simply with a few clicks.

1. Install Apps

  • Step 1. Under My Device tab, go to the left sidebar and click Apps.
  • Step 2. Click Install to bring up a file browser window. Navigate to the place where apps are saved. Then, choose your wanted apps and click Open to install them to your computer.
  • Or, you can also click inverted triangle under Install. In the pull-down menu, choose Install apps to SD Card or Install apps to Phone Storage. However, only when apps permits can you install them to SD card.
  • install apps

2. Uninstall Apps

  • Step 1. In the left sidebar, click User Apps or System Apps under Apps category.
  • Step 2. Tick your wanted apps and click Uninstall.
  • Step 3. This brings up a dialog. Click Yes and you’re done.
  • Note: To uninstall system apps, you need to attain root access first. See how to root Android Phone or Tablet>>

    uninstall apps

3. Export Apps to Computer

  • Step 1. In the left sidebar, click User Apps or System Apps under Apps category.
  • Step 2. Check the apps you want to export or backup to computer.
  • Step 3. Click Export. In the pop-up Windows file browser window, select a save path and click Save to export the apps.
  • Note: It just exports apps, excluding app data. However, you can backup apps data to computer.

    export apps

4. Move Apps to SD card/Phone Memory

If user apps permit, you can move them to SD card to free up space. Follow the easy steps below.

  • Step 1. Go to the left sidebar, and click User Apps under App category.
  • Step 2. Select your desired apps and click Move to SD Card or Move to Phone Memory.
  • restore android

5. Share Apps via Facebook, Twitter, SMS

To share your favorite apps to your friends, you just tick one app and right click it. In the pull-down menu, choose Share. Then, you get 3 options: via SMS, via Facebook and via Twitter. Select one option to share this app to your friends.

restore android

6. View App Details

You can view the details about any app, including size, Just left click one app, and you will see its detailed info on the right corner

restore android

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