Essential: Manage Android SD Card & Phone Memory from PC

We know Android open nature make is extremely easy to get access the Android SD card. It is really convenient to manage music, video, photos, document files on SD card by plugging in a USB cable. However, what can you do if you want to manage contacts, text messages, calendars? What of you decide to backup app data before resetting your phone? What if you get a Mac and want to manage Android SD card on it, but Mac doesn’t detect the Android phone? In this case, you need to draw support from some third-party tool, such as MobileGo – the excellent mobile management software.

Mobile Manager gives you easy access to Android SD card and phone memory. You can see and manage all folders and files saved on them.

First, install and launch MobileGo on computer and connect your Android device via a USB cable or WiFi. In a short time, your Android device will be detected and shown in the primary window.

1. Access and Manage Android SD card

Under My Device tab, click Files from left column. Under your device category, click SD card. If you have inserted an external SD card, it will be named as SD card (2). The internal SD card will be named SD card (1).

Add Files to SD card
Click Add to input songs, video, photos, and document files to SD card. Before adding files, you can also create a new folder to save them. Just click New Folder and name the folder.
Export Files and Folders from SD Card
Select the files and folders you want to export and click Export. In the pop-up Windows file browser window, choose a save path. Then, click Save to export them to computer.
Delete Files and Folders from SD card
You can choose your wanted files and folders and click Delete. In the pop-up dialog, click Yes.
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2. Get Access to Phone Memory

Under My Device tab, click Files in the left sidebar. Click Phone under your device category. Then, you’ll see all your Android system files and folders.

Note: You’re not allowed to add, export or delete files or folders to phone memory, in case you might destroy them accidentally.

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