Media Management: Manage Music on Android / iOS Device

Mobile Manager empowers you the ability to manage music on Android and iOS devices: Transfer music to / from computer, import iTunes playlists, set your favorite song as ringtone, delete music in batche, and download online music with a click.

Besides Android/iTunes music management, Wondershare MobileGo also enables you to download music from MP3 Download or any music website added. Check how to download music to Android device>>

Startting music management by launching Mobile Manager on your computer. Then connect your Android or iOS device to computer by using a USB cable or over WiFi(for Android only).

1. Convert and Import Audio to Android

  1. Step 1. Click Music in the left column to enter music management window.
  2. Step 2. Click Add > Add File or Add Folder to open file browser window.
  3. Step 3. Select songs to import from your computer. You can create new playlists, folders, or albums by right clicking Music to save the imported songs.
  4. transfer music from computer to android

Mobile Media management tool allows you to convert audio/video to Android compatible formats. If the imported audio or video files are incompatible with Android, this program will prompt you whether or not you want to quick convert the file to an Android-optimized format – MP4 or MP3. Learn Supported Audio File Formats>>

2. Export Android Music to Computer

In the music management window, choose your wanted songs and click Export. Then define a path to save music from your Android device.

copy music from android to pc

3. Import iTunes Playlists to Android

  1. Step 1. Click Super Toolkit tab on the top.
  2. Step 2. Go to Media Management section, and choose Import iTunes Playlists. The program will detect all playlists in iTunes and shows them in the pop-up Import iTunes Playlists Window.
  3. Step 3. Check the playlists you want to transfer to your Android device. Then, confim by clicking OK.
  4. Step 4. Wondershare MobileGo begins to import playlists from iTunes to your Android device. In the whole process, keep your Android device connected.
  5. import itunes playlists to android

4. Export Android Playlists to iTunes

In the Media Management window, choose Export Music to iTunes section. Click Yes on the popping-up dialog. Your Android music will be moved to iTunes. Then you can feel free open iTunes to enjoy your Android music.

export music from android to itunes

5. Set Your Favorite Song as Ringtone

  1. Step 1. Click Music or any playlist under Music category to show music management window on the right.
  2. Step 2. Put the mouse at the line where your favorite songs are located.
  3. Step 3. Click ringtone icon. Choose one option among Set as Phone Ringtone, Set as Alarm Ringtone and Set as Notification Ringtone from the drop-down options.
  4. set song as ringtone

6. Delete Music on Android Device in Batches

    Step 1. Simply click on Music in the left column.
  1. Step 2. In the music management window, choose your wanted songs and click Delete. In the pop-up dialog, click Yes.
  2. delete music from android
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