Media Management: Manage Photos on Android / iOS Device

With thousands of photos being taken, images are frequently dropped into multiple folders or left on SD cards. Mobile Manager makes it easy to add, export and delete photos with the click of a button, saving time and frustration.

Take Android for example, please download and run Mobile Manager on your computer. Connect your Android device to computer by using a USB cable or over WiFi. Your Android device will be recognized and displayed in the primary window.

moblego home

1. Export Android Photo to Computer

  1. Step 1. Click Photos in the left column to open the photo management window.
  2. Step 2. Select your desired photos and click Export.
  3. Step 3. In the pop-up file browser window, define a save path to store the photos on your computer.
  4. export android photo to computer

2. Transfer Photos from Computer to Android

  1. Step 1. In the photo management window, click Add > Add File or Add Folder.
  2. Step 2. Navigate to the folder where your desired photos are saved. Tick the photos and click Open to transfer to your Android device.
  3. transfer photos from computer to android

3. Capture Android Screen

This function is designed for Android users to capture mobile screen with a single click.

  1. Step 1. On the home screen of Mobile Manager, click android screen capture to capture the current screen of your Android phone or tablet.
  2. screen capture on android

  3. Step 2. Windows file browser comes out. By default, the screenshot will be saved as a PNG file, and named as screenshot_1121144609, screenshot_1121145014 or something like that. You can also rename the screenshot.
  4. Step 3. Click Save to save the Android screen capture on your computer.
  5. capture android screen

4. Batch Delete Photos on Android Phone or Tablet

In the photo management window, choose your wanted photos and click Delete. Confirm the delete by clicking Yes in the popping-up dialog.

delete photos from android

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