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Download many interesting videos and want to transfer to your device for playing? Take some video clips and want to export to computer for further editing? It’s easy. Wondeshare MobileGo empowers you to import videos and convert the incompatible ones easily. Besides, you can export or delete videos in batches, or watch any video with the build-in player. The part below shows you the step-by-step guide. Just read on.

Note: the interface of MobileGo for Android users is a little different from when it’s for iOS users, the functions for photo management are the same.

Take android for example, apart from managing videos on Android device, Wondershare MobileGo also enables you to download videos from Youtube, or any video websites you add. Check how to download videos for Android device.

Please download and run Wondershare MobileGo on your computer. Connect your Android device to computer by using a USB cable or over WiFi. Your Android device will be recognized and displayed in the primary window. Fail to connect? Fix it here>>

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1. Convert and Transfer Videos from Computer to Android

Step 1. Simply click on Videos in the left column.

Step 2. In the corresponding video management window on the right, click the triangle under Add > Add File or Add Folder.

Step 3. This brings up your file browser window, from which you can select videos to import from your computer.
All videos imported can be watched with the built-in player.

When the imported videos have incompatible format, Wondershare MobileGo will ask you whether or not you want to quick convert the file to an Android-optimized format – MP4. If yes, follow the instruments shown in the pop-up dialog to convert and transfer to your Android device. Learn Supported video File Formats>>

transfer videos from computer to android

2. Transfer Videos from Android to Computer

Step 1. Simply click on Videos in the left column.
Step 2. In the corresponding video management window on the right, choose your desired videos and click Export.
Step 3. This brings up your file browser window. Select a save path to store the videos from your Android device to computer.

export videos from android to computer

3. Set Video Quality

Here are three video quality types you can select when you convert videos. They’re High Quality, Normal Quality (Recommend) and Low Quality. The higher the quality is , the storage you need. To set it, just follow the simple steps.

Step 1. Go to the upper right corner and click sign in. In the drop-down menu, click Settings.
Step 2. Choose Video Conversion tab and choose your desired video quality.
Step 3. You can also let Wondershare MobileGo to automatically detect and convert videos. Just tick Auto detect and convert downloaded files to Android-optimized format.
Step 4. Click OK. You are done.

set video quality

4. Watch Videos on Android Device

There is a built-in player in MobileGo which allows you to play any video smoothly. Just go to the left sidebar and click Videos. The video management window appears on the right. Double click any video. The built-in player comes out, automatically loading and the playing the video.

view videos

5. Delete Videos on Android Device in Batches

Step 1. Simply click on Videos in the left column.
Step 2. In the video management window, choose your wanted video and click Delete. In the pop-up dialog, click Yes.

delete video from android

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