Advanced: Mobile Data Transfer

It could a big headache to transfer all content to a new phone from the old phone, especially if you are transferring across mobile platforms like BlackBerry, iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Windows Phone, Samsung and Android.

Wondershare Mobile Data Transfer is a very important part of MobileGo. It gives you the ablility to transfer all content like contacts, video, SMS, photos, call logs, music, Ebook and apps from one mobile to another! What’s more, Mobile Transfer can even extract data from backups created by MobileGo, iTunes, Samsung Kies (3), and BlackBerry® Desktop Suite and transfer to your mobile device.

To use Mobile Transfer, payment is required. Just click sign in to sign in Wondershare Passport via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube or sign up for it. Let’s take Android for example and follow the steps below to learn how to transfer files between your devices.

1. Transfer Files from Mobile Phone to Another

In the Mobile Phone Transfer mode, you can directly transfer contacts, messages, calendars, photos, music, video and more between devices running Android, Nokia (Symbian) and iOS.

Step 1. Run Wondershare Mobile Data Transfer

To start with, run Wondershare MobileGo on the Windows computer. Click Super Toolkit tab. Click Phone Transfer in the Advanced section. This brings up Phone Transfer window, choose Phone to Phone Transfer mode.

Note: iTunes must be installed on your computer if you want to transfer data to and from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

phone transfer

Step 2. Connect Two of Your Mobile Devices to Computer

Connect two devices (They can be Android, Nokia, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) to your computer via USB cables. Your devices will be recognized and shown in the window as soon as they are connected.

mobile data transfer

Step 3. Transfer Data from One Mobile Device to Another

Now, all data on your source device that can be transferred are ticked in the middle, namely contacts, photos, messages, calendars, music, videos and more. You can also check those you wish to transfer and click Start Copy. The selected files could be fully copied to your target mobile. Please DO NOT disconnect either device in the whole transfer process.

transfer iphone to android

2. Restore Mobile Phone from Backups

If you got a new mobile device and want to restore from backups created by iTunes, iTunes Music, MobileGo, BlackBerry® Desktop Suite, Mobile Transfer can help you extract data from backup files and selectively transfer files to your new Android smartphone and tablet, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, as well as Symbian Nokia mobile phone.

Step 1. Open Restore from Backups

In Phone Transfer mode, choose Restore from Backups. Then, select a backup type among iTunes, iTunes Music, MobileGo, Kies, and BlackBerry (BlackBerry® Desktop Suite)

Note: To restore your iOS device, you should have iTunes installed on your computer.

restore from backup

Step 2. Connect Your Android/iOS/Nokia Symbian Device to Computer

Plug into a USB cable to get your Android, iOS or Nokia (Symbian) device connected to computer. Once connected and recognized, your Android, iOS or Nokia (Symbian) device will be displayed on the right.

retrieve from backup

Step 3. Retrieve the Saved Backup Files and Transfer to Your Device

As you see, all backup files under the chosen backup type are shown in the left column. Locate your wanted backup file that you wish to restore to your Android device, iOS device or Nokia (Symbian) device.

Then, go to the middle section and tick the contents you want to restore. Click Start Copy to transfer the contents from the backup file to your target Android device, iOS device or Nokia (Symbian) device.

Note: Support only BlackBerry® Desktop Software V7.0, V7.1. and BlackBerry phones that are running on OS 7.1 and easier versions.

restore from backup files

3. Wipe Your Old Phone to Protect your Privacy

Want to sell, recycle or donate your old Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, but fear that your personal data might be in the wrong hand? Don’t worry. You can permanently erase everything from your old Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Nothing is recoverable.

Step 1. Go to Erase Your Old Phone

At first, run Wondershare MobileGo on the Windows computer. Go to Super Toolkit tab. In the Advanced section, click Phone Transfer. The primary window pops up. Choose Erase Your Old Phone mode.

erase old phone

Step 2. Connect Your Old Android Mobile Device to Computer

Get your old Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connected to the computer.

erase iphone

Step 3. Erase Everything from Your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android Device

Go to the lower right corner and click Erase Now. A dialog pops up. Read the tips and enter delete in the box. Then, click Start to erase to erase all of your data from your old Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

wipe phone data

erase your old phone

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