iTunes Cleaner
Mobile Music Manager
1 Click to Manage Your Music Collection

Professionally optimize and manage your iTunes and local music library with just one click. Find missing information for your music in batches.


Ultimate Mobile Music Solution

A must-have mobile music solution, letting you clean up your music collection, fix missing or inaccurate music info within your iTunes songs collection including artist name, album art, genre, lyrics, and more.

transfer music among iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes and Android phones, download music and playlists from 1000+ music sharing sites, record any song you’re playing, clean up and fix iTunes library.

Auto-Fix Music

Music Manager could be your iTunes companion for cleaning up iTunes library and your local music collection. After fixing music files, you can apply the music files to iTunes music library or the music folder.

Remove Duplicates

Quickly find duplicate songs in both iTunes library or local music folder and delete them in batch. You can even customize the definition of duplicates by determining song properties, including Title, Artist, Album, File Size and Time.

Auto-Fix Music Info

Based on its powerful and huge online music database, music cleaner / manager could automatically get album artwork iTunes, download and add music tags like artist, album, song name, etc. to complete music information easily.

Edit Songs Info Manually

Featuring an internal mini music tag editor, this iTunes cleanup tool also allows you to manually edit the undefined and incomplete music tags for iTunes music library and other music folders, including artist, album, album cover, title, etc.

discover online music

1 Click to Manage Any Music Collection

Music Manager is an all-in-one iTunes cleanup software that can easily clean up iTunes library, detect and delete duplicates in iTunes, get album artwork iTunes, download and add music tags like album, song name, artist, year, etc. to complete music info, allow manual editing of music tags, save unfixed music files for future fixing, etc.

Not restrained in iTunes music library cleanup, this iTunes cleaner could also help you clean up local music folders like MP3 music library. By cleaning up iTunes music library or local music folders, you could apply fixed music files to iTunes or original music folders in only one click to make iTunes and other music libraries well-organized.

Features Include

  • Remove dead tracks in iTunes in one click;
  • Clean junk files in iTunes and local music library;
  • Add album artwork to iTunes;
  • Remove duplicate songs in iTunes music library;
  • Fix and edit MP3 ID3 tags automatically;

Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Duplicate songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod not only take up the valuable drive space, but also affect your music enjoying. iTunes Claner could automatically and accurately identify and remove duplicates in iTunes library or local music folders in batch.
What’s more, you can customize the definition of duplicates by determining song properties, including Title, Artist, Album, File Size and Time to customize the duplicates.

Two scanning modes:

  • Quick Scan:The scanning mode is according to song information, like title, artist, album, file size, time.
  • Deep Scan:Advanced acoustic fingerprint technology is adopted in Deep Scan to accurately scan and find duplicates.
clean up duplicates
automatically fix music tags

Automatically Add Missing Music Info

Say goodbye to labels like “unknown artist” and “Track 01” and say hello to complete song names and artist information.
To complete your music information, you can use this mobile music manager to download and add music tags automatically.

Complete Music Info:

  • Get album artwork to iTunes for iPhone/iPad/iPod;
  • Get track name, artist, genre, relase year, and more;
  • Find and download song lyrics for instant viewing;

Manually Edit Song Information

Not only an automatic music tag editor, this music management tool also allows you to manually edit the undefined and mislabled music tags for iTunes music library and other music folders.

Edit MP3 ID3 Tgs:

  • Track details;
  • Files size;
  • Album artist, cover and title;
  • Song name, lyritics, year;

clean up music library

Organize Your Music Library Better

Featuring with user-friendly features, this mobile music manager and cleaner program performs better for fixing music files or deleting duplicate songs. You could organize iTunes Music Library or local music folders with the software easily and quickly.

Faster Speed
The professional music info retrieval technology lets you get music information with 20x faster speed.

For All Music
You can clean up and manage all your music including local folders and iTunes library.

For All Device
Sync the fixed music files to other devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone and enjoy on the go.


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