Oneplus 3

How do I take the complete backup of my OnePlus 3?

OnPlus 3 is the third flagship smartphone of the backstart Chinese manufacturer for 2016. Being designed with 5.5″ AMOLED display and FHD resolution, OnePlus is staggeringly good value such as beautiful industrial design, solid rear camera, lightning fast speeds, reliable fingerprint sensor, fast changing via USB Type-C, NFC for Android Pay, etc. And at half the price of competition, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC 10, its’s almost impossible not to recommend.

While dealing with OnePlus 3, especially when you’re going to root or install custom ROMs, the job you must do is to backup all the data and files on your OnePlus 3 to computer. Then you can restore data back to your smartphone anytime you need without any data loss.

Contacts, settings and app on your OnePlus 3 can be backed up by syncing with Google account. And these backed up data will be automatically restored the first time you sign in with your backup Google account after rooting or a fresh master resetting.

If you want a complete OnePlus phone backup, data like contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, calendars, app photo/video, you need a professional and easier backup tool. Then in the following page, we’ll recommend 2 solutions to help you making a full backup of your OnePlus phone.

Solution 1: Backup OnePlus phone to PC with an Mobile Manager

Android Backup & Restore collects almost all features for managing your mobile phone/tablet (both Android & iOS) in one convenient place. It provides an one-click backup section that lets you backup important data such as app data, contacts, SMS, calendars, cll logs, music, video and photos from your Android device to computer in one click. Whenever you suffer data loss or get a new Android device, you can restore the backup files and get the data back effortlessly.

Let’s download the OnePlus 3 Backup and Restore tool to start with.

Free Trial | Win Free Trial | Mac

Step 1. Lauch Android Backup & Restore and connect your OnePlus phone

Launch dr.fone – Android toolkit on your computer, select “Backup & Restore” among all the functions.

launch Android Backup and Restore

Once you have launched the program on your PC, connect your OnePlus 3 via USB cable or WiFi. During the connection there will be a message pop-up on your phone requesting you to allow USB debugging. Just slide to allow from this computer.

connect OnePlus to PC

Step 2. One-Click Backup OnePlus 3/2 to PC

Click Backup button to start Android data backup process. Then a backup window appears. By default, all content you can backup are automatically selected. You can simply uncheck the items you don’t have to backup, click Back Up button to start the process.

choose content to backup

The backing up process will instantly start up. You should keep your phone connected during the process or the backup will be failed.

OnePlus 3 backup process

When the backup completes, you can click on View the backup button to see what’s in the backup file.

completed Android backup

Then you can do anything like rooting or deleting on your OnePlus 3/2, without worrying about data loss. Because you can get back all your important with Restore in the next step.

Step 3. Restore all data back to your OnePlus 3/2 smartphone

Go back to the home window of this Android backup and restore software. Click on “Restore” after connecting your OnePlus 3/2 phone.

restore OnePlus 2/3

The restoring window will instantly pop up.

Step 4. Select the backup file you would like to restore

After you click on Restore button, the restoring window will instantly pop up with all the Android backup files on this computer. Select the backup file you need and click View next to it.

Select the backup file of your OnePlus phone, and choose the items you want to restore. Then click Restore button to restore files back to your device.

select backup file to restore

Step 5. Preview and restore your OnePlus 2/3 from the backup file

Here you can preview the content of the backup file. Then check the file and click on Restore them to your Android phone.

preview backup file

The whole process only takes a few minutes. Please don’t disconnect your Android phone or open any Android phone management software.

restoring OnePlus 2/3

That’s the full process OnePlus 3 backup and restore. Ha~~! It’s simple enough that even non-tech users can handle this. Regular backup will keep your personal data safe and protect your data from losing.

Solution 2: Backup OnePlus 2/3 with Google Account: Contacts, Calendar and Settings

By backing up your phone to the cloud, you could access your data through many other devices from whereever you are. So some users would like the comfort that the cloud gives them.

Your personal information stored in the cloud also means that won’t need to rely on wires to get that data back onto your Android phone. What you need is simply connect to the internet, sign in your account, and bring that data back into your phone.

Backup OnePlus to Cloud: Contacts and Calendar

On your OnePlus phone, tap Settings > Accounts and sync. Sign into your Google account. Tick Sync contacts. If you also want to backup Android calendars, you can tick Sync Calendars.

sync Android contacts with Google account

Backup Android Settings

Go to Settings and then find Backup and reset. Then, tick Back up my data. By doing this, you’re able to backup app data, WiFi password and other settings to Google server.

Backup your photos and videos for free

Since nobody likes having to worry about losing precious memories in the event your phone is lost or stolen, it’s super important to make sure your OnePlus 3 is safely backing up photos to the cloud. To do this, you’ll need to dive inside Google Photos. Since Google Photos offers unlimited high-quality photo backups — and videos up to 1080p — there’s really no excuse to not backup everything. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Google Photos
  2. Open the slide out menu by swiping from the left
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Select Back up & sync
  5. Tap on the On switch

backup photo and video with Google photo

Once backed up to Google Photos, all your photos will be stored in the cloud and immediately accessible from all your devices, computers, or other web connected devices. Google Photos also makes it easy to share.