Backup and Restore iOS / Android Messages

It’s could be hard for you to save all your important messages on your iOS/Android phone with limited storage space. Then for iPhone users, you can transfer all iMessages, SMS, MMS, message attachments from your iPhone to computer for backup. As for Android users, you can export all SMS conversations as CSV and HTML file to your computer. Additionally, Android users can also import and restore all messages to their device from backups on computer.

  • Export and Backup Messages from iOS/Android to Computer
  • Import and Restore Android Messages from Computer
  • Export and Backup Messages to Computer

    Step 1. First of course go ahead and launch the program, and plug in your iPhone or Android device which will be connected as soon as possible.

    connect iPhone to computer

    Step 2. After it load up, go to Information tab, which will load up all SMS messages for us.

    So we go ahead and select SMS on the left side here. Which will bring up all of them for us. And all we have to do now is select the conversations we want to export and backup. And then click Export at the top menu and choose the saved format Export to HTML or Export to CSV from the drop down list.

    backup iPhone SMS to PC

    Step 3. After that, browse the target folder on your computer and click OK to start the export.

    backup messages from iPhone to computer

    Note: Exporting to HTML file will be more easier to read, and exporting to CSV will be more universal accepted. So if you want to save the messages with images or attachments and read them conveniently on the computer, you can choose to Export to HTML to keep the entire original messages.

    Import and Restore Android Messages

    If you have a copy of messages on your computer for backup, you can import restore the messages from your computer to your Android phone easily.

    Step 1. Go over to the Information tab, and choose SMS section, which will load all messages on your Android phone.

    Step 2. Then simply click Import button here. And it’s going to pop-up a message on your device asking you to set MobileGoConnector as your default messaging application, just as shown below. Tap on Yes on your device first, and then confirm it on your computer.

    set default sms app

    change messaging app

    Step 3. Select CSV or HTML file on your computer to import and restore Android Messages.

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