Backup Photo to Computer

Mobile phones are more and more important in our daily life. And we take many photos with our iPhone/iPad/iPod touch or Android phone. Then we’ll need to transfer photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Android device to PC/Mac for releasing more storage space and save our precious memories.

TunesGo Phone Manager provides you with 1-click solution to backup photos to computer from your iOS or Android device, as simple as a breath.

Step 1. Launch Phone Manager program and connect your device to PC/Mac, no matter iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android phone/tablet. Then go to the main window and select “Backup Photos to PC” option.

transfer Android photo to PC/Mac

Step 2. This brings up your file browser window. Select a save path to store the photos from your iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android device to computer.

1-click copy iPhone to iTunes

Step 3. Click OK to complete the process.

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