Clean Up Music Library

It’s a boring thing to have a music library in mess. As there’re duplicate songs, unwanted music, as well as music songs with uncomplete music info. Don’t be borthered only if you have this all-in-one music management tool – TunesGo Phone Manager, which gives you the simple option to clean up your music library.

Read the following guide to learn how to delete unwanted music files in batches, find and remove duplicate music files in one click, and and fix ID3 tags to enjoy precise search (fix Android Music ID3 Tags Only for Mac Version).

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Music Files

Step 1. Launch TunesGo and connect your Android or iOS device with the computer.

connect device to computer

Step 2. Click Music icon and enter to music management window.

Step 3. De-duplicate songs on your Android or iOS device.

Then, click De-Duplicate button, this will bring a new pop-up window showing you the duplicate songs on device filtered by their names and artists. After that, click Delete Duplicates button and confrim it to start removing duplicate songs on your Android or iPhone, iPad, iPod.

connect device to computer

How to Fix Music ID3 Tags for Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Way 1: Automatically Fix ID3 tags in batch

In the music management window, check the songs and rigt-click on them, select Fix Music Info from the drop down list. Then, click Yes from the pop-up confirmation window to start fixing ID3.

fix music info

fix music id3 tags

Way 2: Manully Fix ID3 Info for One Song

Enter music management window by clicking Music icon on the top menu. Select a specific song, and click the Fix icon at the right side. If the ID3 Info is incomplete, Identify button will be shown on the right panel, click it to get the complete ID3 info; if the ID3 info is complete, but you want to edit the ID3 with your own info, you can directly edit the specific item and click Save to complete the process or click Ignore to abandon the revise.

manually fix music info

edit music id3 tags

Note: Wondershare TunesGo can’t support original iPods for this function so far, including iPod shuffle, iPod classic and iPod nano.

Delete Music on iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android Device

In the music management window, find and check the songs you want to delete, and click Delete button. Later, a confirmation window will pop up, click Yes to finish the deletion.

delete music files

Note: Currently, only Mac version of TunesGo can fix Android music ID3 tags.

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