Create Gif from Video/Photo

TunesGo now allows you to convert photos or video on Android or Apple device to live GIF image. Then you can share your photos or video with far more interesting.

Convert photos on iDevice or Android Device to GIF

GIF image can compress photos or video and will be more space-saving, which makes social sharing more convenient.

Step 1. Launch TunesGo Phone Manager and connect your iOS/Android devices to PC or Mac.

connect iPhone to PC

Step 2. In the photo management window, check your desired photos and click Convert to GIF.

convert photos to gif

Step 3. This brings up a GIF maker window, from which you can set the GIF paramaters like file size, frame rate, and the output folder. After the settings, click Create GIF.

gif maker setting

Convert Video on iOS/Android Device to GIF

Step 1. From the photo management window, select a video that you want to convert to live gif image. Then click Convert to GIF button at the top menu or right-click on your wanted video and choose Convert to GIF from the drop down list.

convert video to gif

Step 2. A GIF maker window will pop up. Optionally, you can change the GIF paramaters and the destiantion folder based on the default value. Then, click Create GIF.

live gif settings

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