Install Uninstall iOS Android Apps on Desktop

  1. Install Apps from Computer to iOS/Android Device in Batch
  2. Uninstall Apps on iOS Devices with One Click

Install Apps from Computer

Step 1. First go ahead and launch the program. After that, we’ll connect iOS device or Android device to the computer.

connect Samsung Galaxy phone

Step 2. And now we go to Apps tab. To install something from the computer, just go to the top Install and click it. And from here, we can navigate to the app files to install. Select the apps to install by clicking Open. Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple apps.

install android apps from computer

Choose your wanted apps and click Open to install them to your Android phones or tablets.

Uninstall Apps on Android

Step 1. Click Apps tab. Select to uninstall User Apps or System Apps from the right drop-down box.

Note: You need to root and get full control of your Android devices first so that you can manage System Apps. Check How to Root Android with Wondershare TunesGo in one click.

Tick your wanted apps and click Uninstall. This brings up a dialog. Click Yes and you’re done.

uninstall apps

Export Android iOS Apps to Computer
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