Manage Music Playlists

There is no doubt that the music playlist plays an important role in managing music files on iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android devices, especially for the users who own large music collection. TunesGo Phone Manager provides a full solution to manage music playlists on iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android.

Step 1. Start TunesGo on your computer, and connect your iOS or Android device with digital cable.

Click Music icon at the top of the interface to enter the Music management window.

For iPhone, iPad, iPod music management, the screen will be like this:

manage music playlists iPhone iPad iPod

For Android music management, the window will be like this:

manage music playlists on Android

Step 2. Right-click the playlist displayed on the left panel.

Step 3. You can select to create New Playlist, Rename Playlist, Export Playlist to PC, Export Playlist to iTunes, Export Playlist to Other Device, or Delete Selected Playlist.

create rename delete export music playlists

Step 4. Add music to a playlist

Click one playlist at the left sidebar under PLAYLIST section, the songs in the playlist will be shown on the right panel.

Check the song(s) in the Music library and right-click on the checked song(s) and click Add to playlist > “Playlist name”, then you can find the transferred song(s) in the related playlist.

import music to a playlist

Or you can directly click Add > Add File or Add Folder to add songs to a playlist from your computer.

add music to playlist from computer

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