Manage Photos on Your Phone

With powerful photo management function, TunesGo Phone Manager empowers you to manage all Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch photos, images and albums. What’s more, you can delete photos in batches on your mobile device, with a simple click.

Manage Photo albums on Photo Library

TunesGo offers an effective solution to manage photo albums on your device, such as creating new albums, deleting photo albums and moving photos from one album to another one.

Step 1. Start TunesGo and connect your iOS or Android device with the computer. Then go to photo management windows by clicking Photos tab on the top of the primary window. Then, click the photo type: Photo Library on the left side bar.

iPhone photo albums

Step 2. Right-click the photo albums on the left panel, here you can create New Album, Rename Album, Export Album to PC, Export Album to Other Device, or Delete Albums.

manage photo albums on iPhone

Step 3. Move photos from one album to another one

Right-click on the checked photos, then select Add to Album > Album name to which you want to add the photos.

move photos to another album

Delete Photos on Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in batches

Step 1. In the photo management window, check the photos which you want to delete on your iDevice or Android device (Hold down Shift or Ctrl key to select multiple photos), then click Delete button at the top menu or right-click on the selected photos, and select Delete from the drop down list; A confirmation window will pop up, click Yes to finish the deletion.

delete Android photos

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