Manage SMS for Android

As a desktop SMS assistant, TunesGo Phone Manager enables you to manage all SMS on your Android phone from computer. With it, you can save SMS and threads to computer, send and receive SMS from computer, and mark unread SMS as read.

  1. How to Delete Messages in Batches
  2. How to Send Messages via PC

How to Delete Messages in Batches

Firstly, go ahead and launch TunesGo Phone Manager on your computer. After that, you can connect your Android phone and the device will get detected as soon as possible.

connect Samsung Galaxy S6

Step 1. Then go to Information tab, and select SMS section on the left panel. All messages will be shown on the right.

Here you can check all messages you want to delete and go to Delete button. It will bring up a note vercation on your device we have to confirm. And when the confirm is done on your Android device, click on OK on the computer.

set default sms app note

change messaging application

Step 2. Then click on OK to delete messages on your Android phone in batches.

delete Android messages

Send Messages via PC

Step 1. Go to Information tab, then make sure SMS section is clicked on the left.

Step 2. Search and read selected messages. You can simply type the content and click Send to send messages via Wondershare TunesGo on computer.

send message via PC

Or you can click New SMS on the right column to create and send a new message to multiple recipients.

create new message on PC

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