recording iPhone iPad screen

Need to record iPhone screen on your PC or projector? Maybe you’re a software developer or trainer who need to show your device screen to others at work. Perhaps you’re a professional who want to mirror class material to computer or projector for teaching. Or maybe you’re just a gamer who want to show off your game skills on your iOS device. In these cases, you will find recording the iPhone screen activities is the best choice. Then we’ll focus on the solution how to record iPhone screen on Windows.

As we know, it is easy to record your iPhone and iPad screens using the native Mac OSX App QuickTime Player.
When it comes to recording iPhone screen on Windows PC, we need a iOS recording software to make it possible.

record iOS screen PC

iPhone Screen Recorder

iPhone Screen Recorder makes it convenient to mirror and record iOS screen to PC for a larger screen playback. With a simple click, you can mirror whatever on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen – games, photos, apps, videos, presentations, websites and more to the bigger screen and capture video to your PC. Businessmen, professors, developers, gamers just need to prepare presentations on your iPhone for mirroring to the PC when needed.

Now just download the free trial version to mirror and record the screen of your iPhone (jailbroken and un-jailbroken) wirelessly.

How to Record iPhone Screen on Windows PC

Step 1. First, install and launch iOS Screen Recorder

Double click the archive and follow the wizard guide to launch dr.fone toolkit on your computer. At this time, your computer will pop up a Windows Security Alert from Windows Firewall. You should tick both of the two boxes and click “Allow access” to allow AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder to make sure the successful connection.

Tips: If you have accidentally canceled the communication, you can enable it manually. Go to “Start > Contorl Panel > System and Security > Windows Firewall > Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewalll“. From the list of apps which are allowed tod communicate through the Windows Firewall, tick boxes relating to “AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder” app to proceed.

Then from the interface as below, click Screen Recorder to continue with the steps.

launch iPhone screen recorder

Step 2. Connect your iPhone

Connect your iPhone and the computer to the same Wi-Fi network if there’s a Wifi network.

On your iphone/iPad, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center. Tap on “AirPlay”, and select the available connections from the list. Then enable the mirroring process.

iOS screen recorder

If you accidentally disconnect one of the devices or your Wi-Fi has an issue, do not worry. Simply go back and repeat the steps from the beginning.

iOS AirPlay Mirroring

Step3. iPhone Recoring settings

You can configure recording settings such as video format, video quality, output directory, and so on. Select “Options” to make the settings and click to save.

configure recording settings

Step 4. Recording iPhone Screen on Windows / Mac

With a smooth network, they’ll be connected within seconds. Then you can display your small iPhone screen on the big PC screen. At this time, two buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen on your computer. You can click the left circle button to start recording your iPhone screen, and click the right square to display a full screen.

If you want to exit full screen mode, just click the square button again or press ESC on your keyboard. And you can stop recording your device by clicking the circle button again. As soon as possible, the program will lead you to the folder where the recorded video saved.

record games on iPhone

With iOS Screen Recorder, you’re capable to display music, photos, videos, apps, games and other files on computer synchronously. The recorded video that saved to your computer as MP4 file can be upload to YouTube for sharing.