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Apple’s latest iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Pro can take live photos that exactly become alive once you deep-press on them. Live Photos can only be viewed on Apple mobile devices running Apple’s latest version of iOS 9, and Mac computer running Apple’s latest version of OS X, El Capitan. For windows and Android users, people will only be able to view the still shot.

How to share the amazing live photos with Android users? That’s the question many iPhone users asked for sharing live photos with friends via SMS, or posting live photos on Instagram, Facebook and more.

Hi guys, I want to share my Live Photo with my girlfriend who has an Android, is there any possibility to share the picture and able to play on android?

To share Live Photos with Android device and Windows computer users, or the services that don’t support Live Photos, you can convert Live Photos into GIFs – a small video without any sound. Let’s think about that, turning your children’s Live Photos to GIFs and sending them to Grandma is much kind of magic and fun.

How to Share Live Photos with Android Devices?


If you want a app to simply convert Live Photos to GIFs, Lively (iTunes) is the easy solution that you can download from App Store. Once launch it, the app surfaces only the Live Photos from your camera roll. Once you pick the one you want to convert, Lively gives you the option to choose whether you want to convert it as a GIF or as a video file. GIFs are great if you want to share them via SMS or a messaging service like Facebook Messenger, Slack and GroupMe. Lively also gives you a few playback options if you choose to convert your Live Photo as a GIF. You can speed it up or play it in slo-mo, as well as play it backwards or in auto-reverse. Choose to convert your Live Photo to a video if you want to post it on Instagram or Vine.

lively to convert live photos to gif

Convert iPhone Live Photos to GIF Images on your Desktop PC/Mac?

If you need to convert your iPhone Live Photos to GIF images on your Windows/Mac computer, the best choice is iTunes Transfer. After launch, the program will find Live Photos from your iPhone device. Once you pick those you want to convert, the built-in GIF Maker will batch convert multiple Live Photos to GIF images.

More than turning Live Photos into GIF images, iTunes Transfer can make animated GIFs from photos and videos with a powerful built-in GIF Maker plugin. By using this feature, you’re able to save your Live Photos on both iPhone and computer. Most important, it’s more easier to share your Live Photos and videos on Facebook, instagram, twitter or WhatsApp Messenger.

To learn how, let’s download the free trial of TunesGo (Windows or Mac) to get started.

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Step 1: Connect your iPhone 6S/6S Plus to computer

Once you have TunesOver downloaded on your computer, install and run it on your laptop. Connect your iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE with your PC/Mac.

connect iPhone 6S

Step 2: One-Click to Convert Live Photos to GIF images

From the left panel, click “Photos” to reveal all options. From there, click Live Photos to open the album with all the live photos from your iPhone. You can choose the Live Photos you want to turn to GIFs and click “Convert GIF” button on the top panel.

convert iPhone live photo to gif

OK! Things done! After that, you can share Live Photos with Android and the older iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices in a convenient manner.

iTunes Transfer can do even more:

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  • Export iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Music and Playlist to iTunes
  • Transfer Music, Photos and Videos from Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Manage iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Music, Photos and Videos
  • Convert iPhone Live Photos to GIF Images
  • Convert Videos and Photos to GIF images
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