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I recently purchased a Glaxy S7 from Ebay, but have seen after the purchase, that it is sim locked from EE. I never before had a sim locked device. So my question now: Is it possible to sim unlock it for free? I saw threads about older Samsung devices and methods to unlock them but i’m wondering if they will work with the S7.

If you have purchased a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge through your service provider so that you could pay it off a little every month rather than pay full price on day one. Which means, you’re not free. You now own a SIM locked Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone which can’t be used on another service provider without being SIM unlocked first.

How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S7 without a Code?

If you plan to switch to another network, travel aboard using a local sim card, or buy a new phone from another country, the only thing you should do is SIM/carrier unlocking your Galaxy S7/S6/S5 phone to break the chain. Then you will get the freedom by using a phone.

Since asking your carrier to unlock your Galaxy phone can be expensive and time consuming, you can use a 3rd party service or desktop software to unlock your handset. Here’s how to SIM/carrier unlock your Galaxy S7 (Edge) without a code, just by using a desktop software.

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Dr.Fone – Android SIM Unlock provides a simple, fast and safe way to unlock your Samsung Galaxy s series phone. After the simple unlocking process, you will be able to use any network carrier and sim card anywhere around the world. There is absolutely no risk on damaging your phone. What’s more, if the tool can’t unlock your phone, you can will get your money back.

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1. Check if your phone is sim locked

Be sure that you Galaxy S7 (Edge) is SIM locked. Just insert a SIM card from a different carrier and wait for the unlocking message to be displayed. If your phone doesn’t show any unlocking message and if it works with another network SIM, then your handset is NOT Sim locked.

2. Root your phone

To successfully unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7, you should have your device rooted at first. If yours isn’t rooted, you can get assistant with guide – How to root and Android phone/tablet.

If you have rooted your Galaxy S7 phone, let’s walk through the process as below.

Firstly, download and launch Galaxy S7 SIM Unlocker on your computer

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Step 1. Connect your Galaxy S7 to PC

As soon as you connect your Samsung Galaxy phone with the computer, Dr.Fone will instantly detect it and display the device model on the primary window.

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Step 2. Carrier Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone

Once your device is successfully recognized, just click Unlock button to start the process. This Android SIM unlock software will automatically sim unlock your Galaxy S7 without code inputting and any other operation. All you need to do is waiting for about a few minutes till the process completes. During the process, your phone will restart once. Please don’t disconnect your phone until it’s unlocked successfully.

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