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Have thousands of music collections in your iTunes library, and want to sync iTunes to HTC One phone? Never frustrate with this issue after reading this easy guide. We’ll show you the easy way to sync music from iTunes to HTC One M8, M9, A9, HTC 10, and other Android-based smartphones.

iTunes is always your great place for playing and managing your music. After several years of being an iPhone/iPod user, you could have large music collection stored within iTunes. When it comes to sync the music from iTunes to HTC phone, things may become complicated like the following user.

Any software to sync iTunes to HTC One M9 and manage music?

I have been using iPhone for several years, recently I switched to HTC One M9 and I am in love. However, when it is time to sync iTunes music with my Mac, well, different story.

With my music, I have more than 10000 songs, everyone perfectly tagged and with album art. When it is time to see them in HTC Sync Manager, it is a disaster. Many album arts are gone and all songs are just listed by number (1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3…). I tried converting all my songs from mp3 format to AAC, deleted may album art and got them back. Sometime Sync Manager finally shows the art, others it won’t. I just can’t find a pattern.

Is there any other piece of software that can sync and manage my music available? I do not want to get frustrated whenever I need to do something so easy like syncing music. Many thanks.

If you’re wondering about the exact same thing to get your iTunes playlists/music HTC One M8/A9 cellphone, you come to the right place. It seems that you’re not the first person who had such a headache trying to sync music. Follow this guide, I’ll give you several options to sync music from iTunes to HTC One. You can decide which one is better.

HTC Sync Manager for Mac

HTC Sync Manager, a free desktop software created by HTC Corporation, allows you to view and manage media on your computer and HTC phone. You are able to import iTunes playlists from your computer to HTC Sync Manager, and then sync to your new HTC One M8/M10 or A9.

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transfer music to HTC One M9
  1. First, download HTC Sync Manager on your Mad/PC, make sure you get the latest version.
  2. Then, launch the application and attach your HTC One M9 to Mac with the help of a USB cable.
  3. Go to “Music” tab – all imported playlists will be displayed under This Computer. Another way to check it is to find iTunes music in “iTunes Artwork Screen Saver”.
    If iTunes music is not shown, go to “Display” in the left sidebar and check the option “Automatically import from iTunes to HTC Sync Manager”.
  4. Now click “Sync” button on the left, the app will synchronize selected playlists. And iTunes Artwork Screen Saver will have to be synchronized separately.
  5. sync iTunes music HTC One

It seems to be a free and perfect solution to get iTunes music on your brand new HTC One M9/M8 smartphone. However, based on user feedback like the above question asker, HTC Sync Manager doesn’t work so well with syncing all music from iTunes as it says. And for iTunes music lovers who want keep iTunes music/playlists and HTC phone in sync now and then, the function of HTC Sync Manager looks like too poor and can not handle with this. Then, we’ll come to the second solution as following:

iMusic – Mobile Music Manager

iMusic Mobile Music Manager, a quality and flawless music management tool for Android and iOS devices, letting you transfer music among iPhone, iPad, iPod iTunes and Android phones with easy steps. What’ more, this versatile product can do multitasking such as download music and playlists from 1000+ music sharing sites, record any songs you’re playing, clean up and fix iTunes library.

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iMusic sync iTunes Android

Compared with HTC Sync Manager, this mobile music manager could perfectly connected iTunes Library with Android phones, sync music from iTunes Library to your HTC One phone with original playlists. In addition, you can export music from Android Android devices to iTunes Library for further management.

How to Transfer Music from iTunes to Android Phones?

Neither of iTunes and HTC Sync Manager can transfer music from iTunes to Android phones. But with iMusic – Mobile Music Manager, syncing iTunes music with Android HTC phone is so easy like 1-2-3!

Step 1. First, install and connect your HTC phone

After downloading the free trial, install and launch iMusic on your Mac or PC. Then, plug in your HTC One phone with its digital USB cable. And you can see your Android device in the DEVICE management window.

iMusic sync iTunes music Android

If the smartphone does not appear, please enable the USB debugging in the Settings menu on your Android phone. Generally speaking, the USB debugging option is in “Settings” > “Developer Options”.

allow USB debugging HTC One

Step 2. Transfer music from iTunes to HTC phone

Solution 1. If you want to sync all iTunes Library with your Android phone, tap on the option “Transfer Music from iTunes to Device” in Device management window. Next, select file types and click Transfer to copy all files from iTunes Library to your HTC phone.

transfer iTunes music to Android

Note: Sync the entire iTunes Library with HTC One M9 will take a lot of your Android phone storage.

Solution 2. You can selectively transfer songs from iTunes to your Android phone. It is more smart and won’t take too much space of your HTC phone.

Then, in “ITUNES LIBRARY” window, you can see all songs are displayed there by default. If you don’t see any song there, you should click the music icon on the top left side of the window. Check the songs you want to transfer to your Android device, then right-click on the window and choose “Add to” > your device name.

export iTunes songs to HTC phone

HTC Sync for Mac

SyncMate is a multipurpose sync tool for Mac and Android phones or tablets. The expert edition offers more sync options and sync images, videos, music, folders and lots more between Mac and Android. No matter which version your Android device is, SyncMate will easily sync data between your HTC and Mac.

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HTC Sync Mac

So how to sync iTunes on Mac with Android using SyncMate?

Step 1. Download and install SyncMate on your Mac

To start with, download and launch SyncMate on your Mac. iTunes sync plugin is available in Expert edition, so you will need to upgrade. You can get Expert edition by clicking the above Buy Expert button.

Note: We recommend you firstly test SyncMate Free Edition, which allows syncing contacts and calendars on Mac with your Android devices. Then you can decide whether or not to get the expert edition.

Step 2. Connect Android HTC smartphone to your Mac

By clicking “Add New” link in the left pane and choose Android device; Then connect your HTC smartphone to your Mac (via USB, Wi-Fi or Blutooth).

HTC Sync Mac

Step 3. Load iTunes plugin

Press “+” button in the top panel and choose “iTunes” from the plugins list. Then you can specify sync parameters. SyncMate Expert could sync existing iTunes playlists on Mac with playlists on your Android phone. Or you can create new playlist on Android directly from SyncMate.

sync iTunes playlists with Android

Step 4. Convert music and videos if required

If the audio and video format is incompatible with your Android smartphone, you can tune the audio and video conversion settings before syncing.

convert iTunes media files

Step 5. Last, click Sync button to start syncing iTunes music with HTC phone

When all settings have been done, select the iTunes playlist you’ve chosen, and click Sync button. The synchronization begins and you can track its progress with the help of a progress bar displayed.

htc sync music iTunes

Okay, now your HTC phone carries all of your favorite iTunes songs and keeps them up-to-date.


Among the above three solutions, you can check for yourself and choose the best way to sync music from iTunes to HTC phone.

Let us have a closer look at the three sync tools: HTC Sync Manager is total free though lack of functional features; iMusic can be your music partner and iTunes companion application for Android/iOS devices, with a affordable price; The AutoSync feature of SyncMate keeps data on your device up-to-date with Mac. That’s to say the music can be synced now and then, and any changes made since the last sync will be made on the phone as well.