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Moving music from iTunes to OnePlus 3 preferred methods?

My OnePlus 3 arrived today! Great! However, I have a concern regarding music. Being a new user to Android from iPhone, I have several hundred music files from iTunes. So I’m looking for a way to pull from a playlist, but yet keep it in a organized folder layout. What is your preferred method for moving music from iTunes to OnePlus?

Apple’s iTunes software is a wonderful music player and organizer. If you have an Apple device such as iPhone 6, you can easily sync music from iTunes to iPhone and vice versa. However, what if you have an Android phone like OnePlus instead of iPhone 6? Can you sync iTunes music collection with your Android phone? Afterward, this post shows you some of the ways to do that.

Method 1: Manually copy music from iTunes and paste to OnePlus 3

One way to transfer your iTunes music collection from your desktop to Android phone is by manually copying the music files. This is actually easier than it sounds.

  1. First, create a temporary folder on your desktop.
  2. Then, select music tracts you’d like to copy in iTunes.
  3. Drag and drop the selected music tracks into the temporary music folder on your computer desktop.
  4. Afterwards, connect your Android OnePlus phone as a storage device to your computer.
  5. Then, copy the music files from computer folder to the phone.

Easy, right? Although it lacks the comprehensiveness of other solutions here, it’s a quick and easy way of getting a selection of tracks from iTunes to an Android device without jumping too many hoops.

Method 2: Transfer music from iTunes to OnePlus with AnyTrans

iTunes music transfer

iTunes Android Transfer

There’s also other easy method that allows you to transfer iTunes music collection to your Android phone. Such method, however, need a third-party tool. Phone Manager is such a tool for both Mac and Windows. It lets you sync music, videos, and playlists from iTunes to your Android phone with one-click transfer. Here’s how to use AnyTrans to transfer iTunes music to OnePlus.

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Step 1. Download, install and launch AnyTrans on your PC/Mac

Instead of taking you hours and cumbersome steps to transfer music, videos and playlists from iTunes to Android device with iTunes, AnyTrans eases the whole process by helping you transfer all or selected iTunes media files to Android or iPhone, iPad, iPod with just 1 click.

iTunes music to OnePlus transfer

After launching iTunes transfer on your computer, connect your Android phone via USB cable. Make sure your phone are successfully connected and shown up in the main window of the program.

connect Android phone

Step 2. Transfer music, movies, playlists from iTunes to OnePlus

Then, click on the music icon on the top of the menu to enter iTunes Library. And this iTunes Transfer will detect all media files in your iTunes library, showing them by categories like music, movies, podcasts and others.

enter iTunes library

Step 3. Transfer music from iTunes to OnePlus Android phone

To transfer songs from iTunes to your Android phone, just select the music files you want, and click “to Android icon” button.

Once the transferring process is complete, you will see “Transfer Completed” window. Exit the program or transfer more files by simply going back to the previous page.

transfer completed

Transfer iTunes music to OnePlus 3 using Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of our favorites. It provides cloud storage for up to 50,000 songs(when you first sign up, up to 20,000 songs), accessible from both your desktop and your phone, and, best of all, it’s compatible with iTunes. However, Google Play Music relies on the cloud, you have to download the songs from the cloud for offline access. But if you’re OK with that then you can’t go far wrong.

To sync iTunes music with Android phone, you need to download Google Music Manager (or Google Play Music for Chrome) onto your computer and the Google Play Music app on your Android phone OnePlus 3. Unlike AnyTrans it only uploads music to the cloud and doesn’t put it on your device.

The Google Play Music app is easy to set up. Once installed and logged in, you’re able to point Google Play Music to your iTunes Library. And then, up to 50,000 tracks can be stored online for free and synced to your Android devices as and when required.

Google Play Music transfer iTunes music to Android

Since it requires no extra apps and no cost for full functionality, Google Play Music has been the favorites for people who’re switching from an iPhone to an Android phone. However, if you’re not into streaming or don’t want to keeping have to download music from the cloud for offline access, you’d be better served looking at one of the other options up top.